Health as an investment in the future

Our corporate health management primarily serves to promote and maintain the health of our employees. Because the protection of our employees is always our top priority. 

For this reason, we have not only optimised our operational processes and procedures accordingly, we also actively offer our employees a variety of health-promoting measures. Our goal is to strengthen and promote the health of each and every one of our employees and to create an awareness in which self-responsible, health-conscious behaviour becomes a matter of course.

Proactive health management

The mental and physical condition of our employees is very important to us. After all, healthy employees form the basis for a sustainable corporate culture. Our proactive health management has a lot to offer in this regard. A heated production hall and air-conditioned offices ensure that our employees’ working environment can be adapted to the outdoor climatic conditions. In addition to regular hearing and vision tests, we also offer our employees support in the prevention of back pain. For example, we educate people about the topic with back training and have equipped the workplaces with height-adjustable tables and standing aids. Employees who want to keep fit in their free time have the opportunity to get a bicycle through the company’s leasing concept “JobRad”. The company integration management and regular staff appraisals are intended to help our company continuously develop in terms of health promotion.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety and accident prevention are our top priorities. We attach great importance to ensuring that every employee is equipped with their personal protective equipment and uses it at all times. Through regular company tours, we ensure that potential danger spots are identified before damage can occur. The visualisation of accident-free days is intended to sensitise all employees to accident prevention and to take responsibility for themselves and their colleagues. Should an accident occur despite all precautionary measures, the causes are identified directly and corrective measures are initiated and monitored. Occupational safety is not just a phrase for us, but a clear management task.

Influenza vaccination

A real influenza is a serious illness and not comparable to a cold. To protect our employees and others from infection, we offer our employees the annual influenza vaccination in-house and thus protection against influenza viruses.

Dealing with Covid-19

The adaptation of daily work processes and a variety of other protective measures help to ensure the protection of our employees. The Corona virus still plays a major role in our lives today, which is why we also offer our employees the option of the Corona vaccination in addition to the influenza vaccination and individual information sessions. We are convinced that we will overcome this pandemic together with the sense of responsibility to protect ourselves and our fellow human beings.

"If you don't spend something on your health every day, one day you will have to sacrifice a lot of time for the disease."

– Sebastian Kneipp –

Positive effects on the company


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