Cold rolled strip - Quality with class

Since the stability of cold-rolled strip is higher than that of untreated steel, it enables an exact fit for precision parts and for use in various industries, such as automotive, pipeline construction and mechanical engineering.

The nicest dimensional tolerances in thickness and plane-parallelism, as well as the best mechanical and technological properties and surfaces distinguish the cold-rolled strip obtained from us.

Quality material, that we process with the greatest precision, flexibly and tailor-made to your requirements. With a looping pit of approx. 17m we can often cut your material lengthwise without the need for cross cutting. This is a crucial advantage when it comes to optimum set-up times for your systems.


Finish: A / B
Surface finish: g / m / r
Anointing: Oiled / non-oiled
Thickness range: 0.25 mm – 4.00 mm
Width range: 18 mm – 1,550 mm
RID (coiler): 508 / 610 mm
RAD: max. 2,100 mm
Coil weight: max. 32.5 tonnes

Soft qualities:
DC01 – DC07

Micro-alloyed qualities:
HC180Y – HC260Y
HC220LA – HC420LA
Construction steels:
S215G – S325G

Enamel grades:
DC01EK – DC06 EK

Multi-phase steels:
HCT450X – HCT780X


Use our practical tool for dynamic calculation of individual parameters of your steel coils.


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