Hot-dip galvanised strip steel - corrosion-resistant all-rounder.

Hot dip galvanizing is one of several galvanizing methods we offer. This continuous layer protects the steel from water and air and thus from rust. The surface of galvanised steel strip provides all-round corrosion protection. Furthermore, hot-dip galvanised steel strips are characterised by excellent processing properties and a bright appearance. In addition to its excellent forming properties, it offers good adhesion properties for subsequent coatings. Depending on requirements, OKS offers a wide range of available widths and thicknesses. This type of material is particularly important for outdoor applications such as steel supporting structures. We make sure that the steel strip has perfect properties. When we deliver the product to you, you can then use it.


Finish: NA/ MA/ MB/ MC
Type: Z/ ZA/ AZ/ ZF
Surface protection: C/ O/ CO/ U
Edition: 100 – 600g/mm²
Thickness range: 0.25 mm – 6,50 mm
Width range: 18 mm – 1,780 mm
RID (coiler): 508 / 610 mm
RAD: max. 2,100 mm
Coil weight: max. 32.5 tonnes

Soft qualities:
DX51D – DX57D

Micro-alloyed qualities:
HX160YD- HX300YD

Construction steels:
S220GD – S550GD

Multi-phase steels:
HCT450X – HCT780X


Use our practical tool for dynamic calculation of individual parameters of your steel coils.


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