Our guiding principle

OKS: The service centre for competent and reliable industrial solutions.
Competitive advantage through profitable growth and responsible action

Together with you, we develop the basis for your success and find solutions entirely according to your needs and wishes. In doing so, we draw on the many years of experience of our team and are thus your competent and reliable partner in steel matters, even for more complex issues.


Our competent employees are professionals in their field and are always ready to help and advise our customers. Our ultimate goal – the satisfaction of our customers!
We offer our customers a precise analysis of needs including technical customer advice. In a multidisciplinary process, we form interdisciplinary teams in order to be able to support our partners at any time, even with complex issues. Can the steels you use be substituted, do you require certain thickness tolerances or edge designs or are you concerned with another question on the subject of flat products? Together we will find an answer to your questions.

Through constant and comprehensive market observation, we try to identify trends, which enables us and our partners to react quickly and flexibly to the agile steel market.

The targeted development of our employees is a guarantee for our success. A constructive exchange and regular feedback meetings help us to raise potential and provide support. At OKS, one wheel meshes with the other and we know that each individual contributes significantly to the success of the company. The best possible qualification of our teams and continuous further training are our aspirations. Training our own junior staff in the production and commercial areas is a matter of course for us and is intended to ensure that we are also optimally equipped for the future.

The depth of our portfolio ensures that we are your one-stop shop for everything to do with flat steel products. We are known and respected far beyond the region for our particular strength and expertise in hot strip. Whether you are looking for higher quality grades, restricted thickness tolerances, particularly thick material or a uniform structure, we have what you are looking for. But also in the area of cold-rolled strip, surface-finished material or sheets, we are at your disposal with advice and assistance. Through individual logistics concepts, we ensure that we can always flexibly adapt to the requirements of our customers.


We maintain proactive communication in our company. Our employees are always available and actively contribute to keeping the communication channels short and uncomplicated. We as OKS Otto Knauf stand for trust and reliability. We see compliance with agreements and contracts as a matter of course and expect the same from our partners. Our internal process management is a guarantee for us to ensure this reliability on a permanent basis.

We guarantee security of supply for our customers through a broad procurement base. Continuous monitoring of our suppliers and the procurement markets serve to ensure optimal order management. Furthermore, internal process monitoring supports the safeguarding of the supply chain. In this way, we ensure that we are always able to deliver and can react individually to your needs.

Through our preventive maintenance management, we ensure the functionality of our splitting plants at the highest level. The broad qualification of our employees enables flexible deployment according to demand. The modernisation of our aggregates is the basis for adapting our production to changes and the needs of our customers. Because we know that flexibility and speed are indispensable success factors in today’s dynamic steel market.

Reliability is a matter of course for us and we try to adhere to this in all areas of our business. You can rely on us at all times, both for the quality of our products and for keeping agreements with our customers and partners. Particularly important to us in terms of reliability is the respectful treatment of our employees and business partners, because reliability is the foundation of any lasting partnership.

Profitable growth

For us, sustainable and value-oriented conduct is the basis for profitable growth. We use our resources responsibly and always align our strategies with our values.

Building long-term partnerships is our primary goal. We want to grow together with our customers and suppliers and be able to rely on each other in the long term. Today, we can already look back on a large and loyal network of business partners. New partnerships are always built with the premise of creating a lasting cooperation. We grow together with you.

We are always monitoring the market and can react flexibly to changes. We share the knowledge we gain with our partners so that they too can benefit from it in the best possible way.

We do not define profitable growth through savings in personnel. Securing and expanding jobs is just as natural for us as loyalty and solidarity to our region. Processes such as CIP/ 5S and the company suggestion scheme ensure that we operate in a cost-optimised manner and can thus act competitively on the steel market. Constructive exchange between us and our partners should lead to profitable growth for both sides. Because we are sure that our growth goes hand in hand with the growth of our customers and suppliers.

Acting responsibly

Responsibility towards our environment, our employees and our business partners is firmly rooted in our corporate governance. This is not just about compliance with guidelines, but rather about principles and values for which we stand as a company.

Our employees can rely on us. The management culture is aligned in such a way that we are always reliable and predictable for our employees. We are committed to securing jobs and remaining loyal to our economic area. Special attention is paid to the prevention and reduction of accidents and to health-promoting workplaces. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Motivated employees are the proof and cornerstone of successful enterprise.

Our business partners can rely on us to treat all information that serves the purpose of the cooperation confidentially. Our compliance policy ensures that business relationships are managed professionally and that there is no competitive advantage based on personal preferences. You can find our compliance policy here.

Sustainability, the environment and the conservation of resources are very close to our hearts and it is important to us that our partners and suppliers have the same sense of responsibility in this regard. Acting in an environmentally conscious manner and minimising emissions are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. With the OKS Goes Green initiative, we are continuously opening up new potential. Learn more about OKS Goes Green here.

Social projects are a true affair of the heart for us. This is how we conduct the annual OKS Social Day. As an integral part of the region, we want to give something back to our fellow human beings. You can find out more about the OKS Social Day here.


Do you have questions regarding our services? Send us your own individual inquiry. You can count on us both in direct and in contract business. We are looking forward today to your product of tomorrow.