Compliance - a central element of our corporate governance.

We are aware of our responsibility – every single day. For us, compliance does not only stand for adherence to guidelines and laws. We are more concerned with the values we want to convey and what we want to stand for as a company. For us, credibility, integrity, honesty, equality and incorruptibility are not empty words but important elements of our corporate governance. Moreover, we and our employees consistently pursue these elements.

The following principles are particularly important to us:

Safe and healthy workplace – All our employees have to take responsibility for their own mental well-being at work, occupational safety and health protection.

Reliability – Reliability, openness and honesty are virtues that we value and that we stand by. Our employees represent our company through their actions and behaviour both internally and externally. Therefore, each individual employee bears responsibility for his or her behaviour. Violations of legal provisions and our values are to be refrained from. Business decisions shall always be made in the best interests of OKS as a matter of priority, taking into account the legitimate interests of our customers and business partners. The pursuit of an employee’s own interests to the detriment of OKS is not permitted. Every employee is therefore obliged to disclose possible conflicts of interest to his or her superior or another person of trust.

Human rights and dignity – Regardless of ethnic origin, religion, political affiliation, gender, sexuality or age, all people must be treated equally and fairly. We respect human dignity, promote diversity among workers and condemn all forms of discrimination and intolerance.
Environmental protection – We strive for sustainable economic, social and ecological developments. In doing so, we consider and take into account environmental aspects in all business decisions and support international cooperation to reduce emissions and protect the global environment.
Social commitment – We comply with laws and regulations and fulfil agreements and obligations. The company condemns corruption and bribery and strictly adheres to competition law.

Working conditions & personnel

Avoidance of child labourt –  child labour is not tolerated by us. Companies are encouraged to follow the recommendation from the ILO Convention on the minimum age for employing or using children in work.

Wages and benefits, working hours –  These comply with the basic principles regarding minimum wage, overtime and legally required social benefits. Working hours are in accordance with applicable laws, industry standards or ILO conventions.

Free choice of employment –  forced or compulsory labour is inadmissible for us. Employees must be free to terminate the employment relationship at any time with reasonable notice.

Health and safety –  OKS Otto Knauf GmbH ensures occupational health & safety at the workplace at least within the framework of national regulations and supports continuous development to improve the working environment.

Leadership culture –  For us, leadership is synonymous with taking responsibility for the employees entrusted to us. Every manager must earn the recognition of his or her employees through exemplary behaviour, performance, openness and social competence. Their responsibilities also include supporting staff in their development through challenging tasks and appropriate training.

Social responsibility –  It is also important for us to set a good example regionally. For this reason, we not only remain true to our economic area. We also invest in the future by placing a very high priority on maintaining and creating new jobs and apprenticeships.

Diversity and inclusion

We promote equality of opportunity and diversity and provide an environment where everyone – regardless of origin, religion, sexuality or identity – has the freedom to be himself or herself. A mutual appreciation and respect for our fellow human beings and ourselves is firmly rooted in our corporate governance.

14 different nations from 4 different continents are represented in our company. We are convinced that the diversity of our employees and the different perspectives can be the origin of creative ideas and thus the innovations of tomorrow. 

We are convinced that the diversity of our colleagues strengthens cooperation, promotes creativity and constantly generates new innovations.

Our business ethics at a glance:

Anti-corruption – The highest level of integrity is expected in all business activities and relationships. Any form of corruption, bribery, extortion and embezzlement is not tolerated in our company and is strictly prohibited. Both the company and our employees are not on the take and do not derive any personal benefit from the activity.
Fair competition and antitrust lawt – We respect fair competition and therefore comply with all laws that protect and promote competition. In particular, the applicable antitrust laws and other laws regulating competition. In dealing with competitors, these regulations prohibit in particular agreements and other activities that influence prices or conditions, allocate sales territories or customers or hinder free and open competition in an impermissible manner. OKS Otto Knauf does not use any illegal or unethical method to comply with information on competition.
Suppliers – We expect our suppliers and business partners to conduct their business in accordance with the law and recommend that they act in accordance with the Supply Chain Act. Furthermore, we demand that suppliers respect standards and regulations such as the REACH Regulation and Conflict Minerals Regulation. The company’s objectives include ensuring that its business partners, subcontractors and suppliers familiarise themselves with this Code of Conduct on Corporate Responsibility and work to similar standards. Purchase decisions are made exclusively based on their own interests. Our Corporate Responsibility Policy and its environmental, economic and social aspects are included in these decisions. The award for suppliers is made in each case on the basis of the low total price for products and services. Total price means the total amount to be spent on a particular obligation.
Prohibition of discrimination – Discrimination against employees in any form is not permitted in our company. This applies to discrimination based on, for example, gender, race, caste, colour, disability, trade union membership, political opinion, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation.
Safety and quality – All products and services meet the contractually specified quality and safety criteria upon delivery and can be used safely for their intended purpose.


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