Innovative strip steel technologies for individual industry solutions.

Jointly with our partners, we regularly develop new and individual industry solutions. Because as different as the steel grades are, so are the requirements of each individual sector. And there are plenty of them. Whether you belong to the automotive industry, pipework industry or any other industry – we will find the right solution for your steel requirements.

Automotive Industry

Today, more than ever before, vehicles have to withstand a wide variety of stresses. Stability is just as important as functionality. Such skills can only be acquired by using high-quality components. OKS is the ideal partner in this sector. We would like to support you in your efforts to create something “great” for your customers. This is why we supply you with steel in tailor-made dimensions that can meet the high demands of the market.

Pipework industry

We have decades of experience in pipe manufacturing processes. For this reason we are your competent partner in the pipework industry. Many of our customers are heavily dependent on the pipework industry. Here, steel products must be exactly processed. Our starting material is ideally suited for the application of pipes in various alloys up to stainless steel. For all sizes in steel and non-ferrous metals.

A further advantage is our optimised slit edge, which is perfectly suited as a functional edge for pipe production.

Agricultural industry

The agricultural industry covers many areas. In addition to agricultural enterprises, the industry also includes upstream and downstream sectors. This includes not only the dairy and milling industry, but also the plant protection and animal feed industries. The requirements for steel are, therefore, different here. This makes it all the more important to adapt flexibly to every need.

That’s why we supply these sectors with steel and cut steel strips tailored to their individual needs.

Wheel rim manufacturer

The load of the vehicles rests on the wheels. Rim manufacturers must therefore meet high demands and quality standards. Nothing may go wrong here.

Base of the rims: Steel or aluminium. This is exactly what we deliver and to the highest quality.


New construction of buildings, renovation of external facades or restoration of bridges – none of these works can be done without scaffolding. Here, too, the scaffolding is based on the material steel.

Place your trust exclusively in certified quality for such products. We at OKS work conscientiously only on the basis of such raw materials.

Hall construction

Specialists in hall construction know: Halls are built for half an eternity. The material must be resistant to corrosion for years. This makes it all the more important to rely on high quality materials. Therefore, it is better to source the steel for components from renowned steelworks. This is exactly what OKS can offer customers in this field.

Industry sector

Due to the mechanisation and automation in the production of goods, many materials are needed in the steel industry. Hardly any machine can do without some sort of steel. Steel is therefore the cornerstone of the industrial sector. This is where we come in. Steel and steel products of different grades and dimensions are part of our repertoire.


Manufacturer of special-, systemprofiles and modules of any kind trust in our custom-made flat products of steel, stainless steel, or non-ferrous metal for their production of individual profiling-solutions with extremely low tolerance values and functional requirements.

Stamping departments & Fine cutter

We assemble fine-tuned source material for the production of punched steel-products and for specialized, high-precision multifunctional parts of finetool-technology.

Cooperation partner

Our reliability and quality is based not least on a network of steel mills, steel traders and other steel service centers that has grown over decades and with whom we cooperate closely, openly and fairly,

but also on concentrated forces, which are used effectively, in partnership and transparently for your project.

Tailor-made solutions

Individual tailor-made solutions for every industry and every product are merely a matter of planning. Planning requires teamwork – creativity – innovation. Therefore, we are always in constant dialogue with our customers and develop individual solutions for all inquiries in the field of steel. So, do not hesitate to contact us in case of your daily challenges. Together we’ll find a way!

Joint developments

Not every challenge is easy to overcome, but it becomes easier when you share it. So why not consult a partner who knows 100% about the subject? Trust our steel experts to work with you. We are also always open to constructive feedback, because this is the only way we can develop together.


Do you have questions regarding our services? Send us your own individual inquiry. You can count on us both in direct and in contract business. We are looking forward today to your product of tomorrow.